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Do you know that many people – Especially the elderly are DEFICIENT IN VITAMIN B-12?


Many people are deficient in vitamin B12, andother B vitamins, for multiple reasons. For instance, some circumstances eitherboost the body’s demand for B vitamins or greatly inhibit vitamin B absorption,making supplementation necessary. Individuals in the following categories havethe greatest risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency. For these individuals, the needfor a daily supplement can be much more critical.

ELDERLY: Many older adults experience a declinein their appetite, reducing their overall dietary intake of all B vitamins.Older individuals may also be unable to absorb naturally occurring vitamin 812.With age, many people develop a loss of certain important functions of the stomachand digestive tract. This includes a decreased production of stomach acid, anintrinsic factor needed to release B12 from foods, and for its absorption inthe small intestine.

CERTAIN MEDICATIONS: Commonly prescribed drugsthat reduce stomach acid production (proton pump inhibitors) decreaseabsorption of vitamin B12. Metformin, the popular diabetes drug, is known tointerfere with the absorption of vitamin B12. Birth control pills can alsodeplete B12 und other B vitamins.

PREGNANCY: B-vitamins, especially B12, areimportant for healthy fetal development, In breast-feeding or pregnant women, adeficiency of B12 can result in severe neurological damage or birth defects inthe Infant or fetus.

SOME MEDICAL CONDITIONS: People suffering fromalcoholism, hypothyroidism, anorexia, celiac disease, or Crohn’s disease have amuch greater risk of developing a deficiency in vitamin B12 and other Bvitamins. Weight-loss surgery also increases the risk of a deficiency in Bvitamins.

VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS: Because they avoid meatand animal product, vegans and strict vegetarians may be at risk of a vitaminB12 deficiency. This deficiency can lead to digestive disturbances, anemia andblood disorders, and fatigue. It can also affect the peripheral nerves. In laterstages, it may target the Spinal cord. All this can lead to impaired mentalfunction, often manifesting as slower thinking, attention deficits, and memorylapses. Any of these factors make daily oral intake of vitamin B12-includingboth methyl-cobalamin and adenosyl-cobalamin an important component of acomprehensive wellness program.


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